Cheapest Electric SUV on Alibaba

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Measuring 2.9 meters (9’6′′) from the bumper guard to the bumper guard, the Lesheng K2 electric SUV is small in stature but broad in the heart. As long as the heart isn’t the driver, this sweet little runaway carries just a 4,000W engine. But that’s enough to run a good 52 km/h (31 mph) cruise, so it’s already reaching the top speed of the $4,000 electric pick-up truck and the $1,700 electric jeep.

With a weight of roughly 615 kg (1,355 lb), the four-seater electric SUV is unlikely to win any traffic light drag races with the 4 kW engine. But these little Chinese electric cars are all about services, not speed.

It’s a glorified NEV, or a community electric car. You might be inclined to underestimate it as a souped golf cart, but you’d be mistaken. The Lesheng K2 is loaded onto the roof rails with features. We’re talking about real air conditioning, backup camera, 9-inch LCD panel, stamped case, flexible seating, remote key fob lock, multimedia player, windshield wiper (singular), power windows, spare tires on the back and even something called a “special controller.”

The style of charger is referred to as “normal charge,” which I’m not exactly sure what to do. I suspect that means you’re not going to be driving a Tesla Supercharger in either of these. You’re more likely to back up next to a 7-11 ice chest and charge guerrilla with an extension cord as you’re brewing the world’s slowest cup of coffee. With a battery of 60V and 100Ah, a power of 6 kWh is measured for a range of 100 km (62 miles). That’s basically fairly good range for a city runabout.

Source – Electrek

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